Mapping Anthropology

I really dig maps. No, I REALLY dig maps. One of these days I will figure out an idea for a Google Maps Mashup that my library can use. Until then, I will admire UC Berkeley Anthropology Library’s mashup of their collection of Anthropology dissertations completed at Berkeley 1901-2002. If you’re not good at coming up with test searches, here’s a link to a dissertation whose research basis was Kentucky.

It appears that the Berkeley Library community is doing an system-wide innovation program called “New Directions.” You can check out the blog or wiki for more information. I found Mapping Anthropology by scanning the “Nuggets of Innovation” section on the wiki.  As I said during the UK Libraries faculty meeting earlier this month, a big part of Blue 2.0 ( and Web 2.0) is sharing what you learn with others so that people like me can steal your ideas and use them for their own nefarious uses and personal advancement. People laughed, but I totally wasn’t kidding.