Easy Widget Maker from iGoogle

My new favorite recent discovery – and by recent I mean less than 12 hours – is the easy widget maker from iGoogle. They have seven templates to choose from, one of which is a free form one. Check it out:

Above is the screen shot of your widget options. I chose the YouTube channel and filled it in with some vendor videos on YouTube. Here’s the form:

As you can see, it’s really just a simple cut/paste type thing. And then, as the French say, viola! You have your very own personalized widget:



As I say repeatedly, to anyone who will listen, I am not a techie.  (Nor a trekkie, but that’s another story.)  Don’t ask me to fix your computer because all I will do is unplug it and walk away.

So, this is why I love Web 2.0 (and will probably also like Web 3.0) .  It makes it really easy for people like me to create decent looking content for the web/SNSs.  That’s pretty much my only goal in life: to connect with other people and to not look like a schmo whilst doing it.

Today I discovered Sprout. It allows anyone to create a webpage or SNS widget with no more technical knowledge than the ability to drag and drop.  I’ve been playing around with it for the past hour or so and it really is easy.  I’m not posting any examples here yet, though.   Why?  Because I can’t think of any content that doesn’t suck right now.  And that’s one thing Web 2.0 will never cure.