The New New Facebook

Facebook has been rolling out a new design this week.  It hit the Kentucky network on Wednesday and frankly, my dear, I am not impressed.  Briefly, what I dislike about it….

  1. My profile page gives equal visual weight to status messages, commentary on the links I post and wall posts that my friends leave.
  2. The avatar pics from my friends are now rounded.  I hate rounded corners.
  3. The “home page” does not distinguish between status messages, links (the former posted items), and application activities.  Also, there is not way to separate out these distinct functions.  So, the fact that Friend X threw a sheep at someone I don’t know (a fact I could really care less about) is now taking attention from Friend Y posting a pertinent news story (something that I do like to follow – my FB friends shared links is where I find some of the most interesting things!)
  4. There’s a pointless side bar that shows “highlights” but I have to really look hard to see what’s a posted item, what’s a group, what’s a note, etc.
  5. Notfications, group invites and friends requests are hidden along the top, and easily missed.

However, thanks to the wonderful power of RSS feed readers, I can still get at what I want without having to take the time to sort through the noise created by the re-design.  Instead of going step by step, here’s a powerpoint show that explains what you need to know:


2 Responses

  1. It’s funny that you hate rounded corners considering that every corner on this blog is rounded :-).

  2. They’re just extra hateful on the FB redesign.

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