Twitter In Action

So, you’ve probably seen this video this week, but if not….The Twouble with Twitters:

Ha ha.  Ha.

Okay, here’s the thing…I’m really trying hard to not be defensive about my Twitter habit.  But I’m not going to lie..the first time I was shown that video, my feelings were sort of hurt.  While there are people on Twitter who post the most random thoughts and events of their life for purely narcissistic reasons, not everyone is like that.  There are lots of great uses for Twitter!  Here’s two examples from this week.

  1. I was telling a co-worker about the Bender Baby dinner at AALL 2009.  (By the way, did you notice my new blog badges? Nice work, AALL!) I couldn’t remember how I became one, but it occurred to me that I have a big network of more experience law librarians on Twitter to ask.  So I did.   Within my minutes, I had my answer.
  2. Sometimes it helps to “think outloud” on Twitter, as blogger Cleolinda shows with her recent adventures with UPS.  Many companies monitor Twitter now for customer service purposes….you could do the same.

Use Twitter, don’t use Twitter…I don’t care.  Just don’t make fun of it until you actually understand it.


One Response

  1. Well put! I had the same reaction to the video. It’s odd, since the makers of the video do seem to know more about Twitter than most of the naysayers, but I also found the humor a bit too cruel.

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