Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is switching jobs lately?

Well, it looks like I can be counted in that list too.  No, I’m not leaving Kentucky.  Contract renewal letters came out at the end of this week and it looks like they’ve decided to keep me around for at least another year.  (Actually, I technically got a promotion too, so yay.)  However, due to a retirement and a sabbatical leave in my library, my job duties are going to be switched up a little.

Starting next semester, in addition to some slightly increased reference duties (due to the sabbatical), I’ll be handling Interlibrary Loan services.  Be prepared for lots of lame “License to ILL” or “I’m sick of ILL!” type jokes.  I’ve never done ILL before, so I’m excited about learning a new skill, especially since one day I would like to try for a Head of Public Services type job and this means I will have experience in all areas of PS.

We have a pretty hopping ILL service, since we have two journals, productive faculty and not an overly-large collection.  So, as a practical matter, this means that I’m going to have to dial back some of my Web 2.0 experimentation, writing, presentations, etc., at least until I get a handle on my new workload.   I’m also probably not going to be able to teach 1L Legal Research next fall, which really bums me out, but not as much as going insane from working 20 hour days would bum me out.

Oh, remember my law student survey idea?  It’s okay if you don’t, but I haven’t forgotten it.   I’ve been working on it when I’ve had time.  Originally, I was planning on trying to get as many law students around the country to take it (in print), but that is definitely going to have to be dialed back.  I wouldn’t have time to get the materials out nor analyze them when they come back.  If you have time and want to try this yourself, there will be no hard feelings on my part.  I’m more interested in the data than getting a publication credit.

Instead,  I’m doing a guest lecture on Web 2.0 technologies for our Advanced Legal Research course later this semester, and I think as part of that I’m going to survey the students.   That should yield me about 30-40 responses, and will be a good measure of the survey instrument.  Then, over the summer when things are slow, I can work on scaling it up for the Fall, going through the Human Test Subjects paperwork, etc.

I also have another new assignment that I’m pretty excited about.  I have just been named webmaster for ORALL and will be completely redoing the website over the next few months.   I’ve been requested to add in some Web 2.0 elements to it, such as wikis for pre-conference networking, so that will be an interesting challenge to see what I can fit in, while not putting stuff in just to do it.  (Which is my basic tech philosophy anyway.)   I have some web development experience, but nothing official like this, so as with the ILL gig, I’m excited about expanding my skill set.

This is probably my last blog post for 2008.  I hope everyone has an enjoyable Holiday of Their Choosing and a Happy New Year.


Sixth Photo Meme


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I was tagged by Jim Milles: go to flickr, go to page 6 of your photo stream, and post the 6th photo.

This is a self-portrait I took at a Sarah Palin rally I attended in Ohio the weekend before the election. I think my expression sums up how I felt about it.

I hate tagging people on memes, but if you want to do it, knock yourself out. Put a link here so I can check it out.

Government on Twitter

If you’re looking for government entities, think tanks or other media related to all levels of government on Twitter, Bearing Point has compiled a nice list of them here.