Powerpoint Jeopardy

I attended my state library association’s board meeting today.  Instead of orienting new members like myself to the structure of the organization by going page by page through the organization manual (which, p.s., is terrifiyingly called “The Blue Book”), they had us play Jeopardy via Powerpoint.  Or maybe I should say “Jeopardy” or a “Jeopardy like game”, since this doesn’t appear to be sanctioned by Sony, Merv Griffin or even that annoying guy from Utah that won, like, a gazillion dollars a few years ago.  [/still mourning scrabbulous on Facebook] [/really doesn’t feel like getting sued for Trademark or Copyright infringement or whatever it is don’t ask me I’ve didn’t take IP in law school.]

Anyhoo, I didn’t realize that you could get that much interactivity with Powerpoint.  I know there is an officially sanctioned version out there, but (a) it costs money and (b) I like multitaskers.  I did a quick and dirty search, and it turns out some nice people at James Madison  University have put a “Jeopardy like game” *cough* Powerpoint template up on the web for anyone to download (with instructions).

I can’t wait to try this out in a classroom setting!  Or maybe I’ll just leave a copy up and running and quiz people that roam into my office.