Getting Around, 21st Century Style

As it is an unually warm, sunny and beautiful day here in the Bluegrass, a colleague and I decided to leave our packed lunches in the fridge and go out to eat.  On our way back, an undergrad student asked us where Dickey Hall is located.  (Why do people always ask me directions?  Do I that obviously look like I answer questions for a living?) Now, I only know the location of a couple places on campus – the law building, the main library, the fine arts library (and that’s only because I have meetings there) and the Student Center.

After deciding that neither I nor my colleague knew the location of Dickey Hall, we suggested that the student go to the Student Center and get a map. He replied to our suggestion with  “A map?! I don’t know how to use a map…I can only get around using GPS!”  I am not a smart phone user, but an unscientific visual survey of the students I see passing by the Ref Desk indicates that many are.  Bearing in mind that I have never used a GPS,   I wonder if campuses  should start to include GPS coordinates on maps and campus info webpages.   On a related note, I wonder if libraries could also use it for directing patrons around their collections.  I know I’ve heard of Geocaching contests in libraries, so you must be able to get a fairly tight location.


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