Tagalus – A Hastag Dictionary

Whenever I tell people about using Hashtags on Twitter or Flickr, I’m generally asked “Who decides those things?” The answer is that there are some standard naming conventions that have arisen and basically the hive mind goes into action and everyone sort of comes up with the same hashtag, although there are sometimes disputes.

I can’t imagine why that answer isn’t satisfactory to everyone that I give it to.

Well, now there’s a new “authority source” for hastags….Tagalus. It’s a hashtag dictionary that anyone can add to. Now people can “claim” hashtags if they’re organizing an event or, if they see a hashtag that they’re unsure of, look it up here.   The aall2009 hashtag wasn’t defined so I filled that in.


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  1. Glad you like the site! We’re always happy to try to accommodate feature requests if any occur to you, by the way

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