I haven’t blogged about Twitter lately. It’s still my favorite Web 2.0 application that no one is really using. I thought for a brief second there during the end of the presidential campaign when CNN and C-SPAN were using it that it might have made the leap to “commoner” (i.e. non-techie and non-librarian) use. But I guess not.

And do you know why I still like it? For the conversation. It’s all but weaned me off of IM, although I have been trying to get back onto that this weekend. Today I discovered (through my twitter list, naturally) a new analytic site for one’s tweets called Tweetstats. My tweet cloud appears below:


See all the @ symbols? That’s me talking to someone.

Tweetstats isn’t actually all that exciting of a site…no different really than Wordle or any of the other word cloud sites out there. I just like it because I finally have proof of Twitter’s conversations.


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