Mindmapping Web 2.0

I’m doing a presentation on “Web 2.0 in Law Libraries” at the 2008 ORALL Annual Meeting. Yeah, that’s the title. Exciting, I know. I deliberately left my presentation title and program description vague because given the rapid change of technologies, I wasn’t sure what would be relevant in October when I proposed this program in April.

Now that it’s September….I still don’t know exactly what I’m going to say or do. But a combination of a good night’s sleep, thinking about my survey idea all week, and an extra big cup of coffee this morning made me a little creative and I started brainstorming.

If I lived in a perfect world, an entire wall of both my home and work office would be covered with a white board where I could hash these things out. Alas, I do not live in a perfect world. So, for me anyway, the next best thing was utilizing one of the many free mindmapping applications available on the web. I used mindomo, mainly because it was one of the first hits when I googled “mind mapping on the web”, and I can’t say I have any complaints thus far about it.

Here’s what my Web 2.0 in Law Libraries Map looks like. I’m still a long way from getting this presentation done, but I feel a little more sane when I think about it. And, as an added bonus, since it’s on the web and not on a piece of paper, the chances of me losing it go down considerably. However, it’s only saved on the Mindomo server, a company that I have given no money to and could disappear overnight. (One of my constant “checks in the negative column” for Web 2.0 companies.) So maybe I’ll print out a copy just to be safe….


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  1. Keep it going, your thoughts in the mind map are very well constructed, featuring some very promienent figures in the Web 2.0 sectors. This subject about “Web 2.0 in Law Libraries” sounds truly fascinating and I look forward to seeing any more developements on this presentation in the near future

    Josh Chandler

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