Web 2.0 on Resumes

Hey, I got some reader mail! Letters…I get letters…bags and bags of letters….okay, actually it was just one. But anyway, here’s what they wrote:

Dear Sarah,

D’you mind if I ask you a serious question? (Okay, I just did.)

I’m fairly Web-2.0-literate: I’m on Facebook, I took an I-school class taught partly in Second Life, I met my wife in a chatroom, I’ve been on the Internet since 1991….

My question: How do I highlight this on my resume without sounding like a nerd or a loon? How do you do it?

I love your blog! If you feel like answering this question there, go for it!

Thanks very much in advance.



First of all, I think it’s awesome that Gentle Reader here assumes that I manage to not sound like a nerd or loon in my resume. Just the vote of confidence that I’ve been needing lately.

Secondly, I don’t really have an answer for this. I include this blog in my publications, and my interests in Web 2.0 sort of come out via the activities I participate in (e.g. Blue 2.0, I’m on my library system’s web committee, etc.).  As part of the P&T process for MPOW, we include dossiers and in that I have print outs of some of the wikis I do for B.I. sessions and my blogs, handouts from presentations I do, etc.  I guess one could list these things as a skill or as part of a personal statement in the cover letter.

Any one have any other ideas?


2 Responses

  1. I’ve got Web 2.0 all over my resume. And since I’d rather work with people who appreciate that stuff, I don’t worry about being too nerdy. Most of it is getting to be fairly mainstream, anyway.

    In my responsibilities and accomplishments section, I include blogging right next to writing for our various in-house newsletters, creating a LibX toolbar, and various instructional things I’ve done on 2.0 stuff. The technology skills section includes the following points:
    • Web 2.0 applications including blogging, wikis, photo and video sharing, social networking, news readers, and social bookmarking
    • Building and modifying objects in Second Life, modifying scripts (hey, even dorkier than 2.0!)

    I include the various blogs I contribute to in my publications, and since I’m early enough in my career that everything I’ve written is online, I link it all, including my presentation slides at Slideshare. A conundrum I haven’t figured out is whether it would be okay to replace the long urls with tinyurls.

    Happy to send you a full copy if you’re curious to see just how geekily it all pulls together.

  2. I always believe that a resume should be customized to fit the job. If the job you’re looking at involves blogging then list your blogging experience, if it involves work in second life then list that experience.

    For “web 2.0” librarian type jobs I might be more specific with the technologies I have experience with.

    Otherwise I think simply saying that you have experience with “web 2.0” technologies is probably enough.

    Although , on second thought, another option is to create a section that encompasses something like “web experience” or “technical expertise”, and then just list things like Blogging, Wikis, Second Life, maybe even specific platforms you’ve used.

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