Twitter and Customer Service

I’ve heard stories about companies using Twitter for customer service. However, I’ve never tried to use actively solicit company help or received any via Twitter. Until today.

I’m currently in the middle of creating a presentation on library services for one of our law journals. For last minute presentations like this that have a lot of links and information that the students will need later, I like to use wikis. I’ve been using PBwiki but today they ticked me off in two ways. (1) They advertised a promotion earlier that would give librarians and educators a free premium PBwiki account, but as I found out today, you have to spam people to get it. (2) When I tried to login to my account to create tomorrow’s presentation, it wouldn’t let me login.

So I switched to wikispaces. AND, because I like to send pointless little messages, I tweeted the whole experience. Well, I came back from lunch today and checked my replies. Lo and behold, I saw this:

It’s a cheery little greeting from wikispaces! And also a kinda creepy one!  I’m not twitter friends with this person (who is apparently the founder of wikispaces), so I guess he found my posts by running searches.  The article I linked to above mentions several companies that have full time staff searching Twitter for complaints about their services.

I’m not sure of how widespread the use of Twitter is by law students, but perhaps I’ll do a search every now and then to see if my library pops up.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Sorry for the problems you had logging in to PBwiki. I’m sure our support team would be happy to help out.

    In terms of the Back to School Challenge, we announced two different programs yesterday.

    The Challenge, which is for individual educators, does have referring others to PBwiki as one of the ways to complete the challenge.

    If you don’t feel comfortable with this, there is also our other program, the Partner Program for Education. (

    If you can convince your school/district/organization to offer free Gold PBwikis to all their teachers/librarians/members, you can get a Gold upgrade without going through the Challenge.

  2. Oh, and the way I found this post was by using Google Blogsearch…I was trying to see what people were saying about the announcements we made.

  3. I dunno, I find this kind of creepy. Sometimes I’m just complaining out loud to my friends. Once many years ago I complained about a certain company that makes security gates, and they had a rep on the list. Said rep tracked me down to follow up on my complaint. It really, really bugged me. Maybe I’m just paranoid.

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