Temporary Hiatus

Alternate title: Blogging is hard, yo!

I’m putting this blog on hiatus until September 1.  The fact that it’s taken me about a week to get around to putting up this post is pretty much all the evidence I needed to realize that I should do it.   Once I get done plowing through a bunch of university and organizational committee work, creating materials for my Legal Research classes and otherwise taking care of business here in the Bluegrass, I’ll be back to posting.

Of course, it seems that whenever I do try and go on hiatus, I get an overwhelming urge to start blogging again, so we shall see how long it lasts.  But at least I don’t feel guilty anymore about not posting.

If you’re really curious about what I would be blogging about had I the time, you can check out my google reader items, my twitter, or my friend feed.


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