AALL 2008 wrap up

I am back from AALL 2008.  It was a good conference, Portland is a way cooler city than I was expecting, and I think spent more time socializing and having fun than I ever have at a conference.  So yay.  I think I ended up meeting about 10 people who knew me from the Internet.  And I didn’t run away and hide from them!

In spite of my earlier Conferencing the Web 2.0 Way post, my only real attempt to do so was to update my twitter via my cell phone.  When I set that up, I assumed that I’d get reply tweets sent to me, but that was not the case.  I think I’m going to have to bring a lap top next year and hope that there’s available wifi because I really want to try live blogging/twittering more. (Or whatever is the new Web 2.0 technology du jour at that time.)   At any rate, the twitter stream is enough for me to jog my memory about what I did and programs I attended.

Here’s some things to check out:

  • Everyone’s twitter posts from AALL 2008
    I’m not going to lie..I also did a summize search for “sglassmeyer”, my twitter handle.  My favorite was from mak506 who said, “ Just had a surprise sighting of @sglassmeyer…”  I don’t know…the surprise sighting part makes me sound like a rare bird or something, which I totally dig.  I also discovered at this conference that mak506 has the unique ability to live blog and knit at the same time.
  • The official flickr group for AALL 2008 (You can also search for “aall2008” in tags)
  • A blog round up

I’m still exhausted, so that’s currently as in depth as I’m going to be able to get on AALL 2008 right now.  Also, due to a scholarship I got, I need to write a newsletter article about something related to AALL and I want to save my “A material” for that.  Just kidding. No I’m not.

Now to start writing program proposals for next year.  I have two ideas thus far.


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