More Chances to Learn Web 2.0 Technology

Hey Blog Reader!  Have you been wanting to learn how you can join the glamorous world of blogging?   Or do you want to learn the difference between a twitter a wiki and a flickr?  Well, you have a couple of chances.

If you are a law librarian, the AALL CS-SIS is running the Web 2.0 Challenge.  This will run five weeks and starts immediately after AALL.  Registration opens today.

If you’re a UK person (and by that I mean an employee of the University of Kentucky, not a resident of the United Kingdom), the Office of Integrated Academic Services is operating Blue 2.0…2.0, an adaptation of the Blue 2.0 program that the UK Libraries organized in the spring.

If you belong to none of the above groups, you can still learn how to use Web 2.0.  There’s a ton of programs out there, and almost all are on the open web.  You won’t have the interactivity that a full fledged participant has, but the info is still there.


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