Discovered a new chat service thanks, once again, to my Twitter list.   It’s called Gabbly and it works by putting a chat frame around any webpage.  There’s no embedding, you just put your website URL after Gabbly’s.  So, if for some reason I wanted to host a chat with readers of my blog, I would send everyone a link to

This isn’t permanent solution for a chat reference service, but I think it would be a great way to have a committee meeting with people across the country, especially if you’re working on planning a website or using a Wiki to collate notes.  Not sure if it could work with Google docs or similar servcies.  (Without going into too many details, I have some hearing issues that make phone conferences a chore, so I’m always looking for text-based ways of accomplishing these tasks.)  I’m not sure how it works with subscription databases, but just flipping around my blog with the Gabbly overlay, it appears that the Gabbly stays as you change pages.  So maybe it could be used to talk a patron through some web based research.

Yet another thing to put on my “play with this and see what it can do” list.


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