Google SketchUp

It’s funny the ways one learns about new things….

I was perusing my twitter friends list while waiting for inspiration to strike on a travel grant essay I’ve been trying to write all week.  (It’s amazing how my opinion of twitter has changed so dramatically in the past two weeks.)  One of my contacts linked to this story about a Unicycle-Motorbike-Segway hybrid.  One of the quirks of twitter is that everything is transformed into a tinyURL, so I had no idea what the link was until I clicked and honestly, had I known, I probably wouldn’t have clicked on it.

It’s actually not an article that really interests me, as I am not really that much of a gear head.  However, one line did catch my eye: “Ben designed the 120-lb vehicle himself, using Google SketchUp to help with the plans as he couldn’t afford professional software.”  Google SketchUp?   What the heck is that?

So I, well, Googled “Google SketchUp” and discovered it’s a free 3-D modeling program.  I have even less artistic skills than technical skills, so I’m pretty excited about the possibilities for this.   One idea that immediately comes to mind is that one could do a library tour/map out of it.  After creating a model, users can make “movies” out of the models which I’m guessing could be somehow embedded in a website.   Administrative types may be able to use it for presentations to higher-ups about library redesigns.  Those are just two ideas off of the top of my head.  There’s also a searchable database of already existing models (3D Warehouse) that I need to peruse and which may provide some inspiration.


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