Libraries and YouTube

I really like my job.  Not because I get to do really interesting mentally stimulating things or because I like helping people (both true, btw), but also because my boss sends me stuff like this:

After I got finish watching it, I started poking around and it looks like the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library has entire YouTube Channel with mostly funny and creative book reviews, but also some behind-the-scenes stuff.  I poked around some more, and found a couple more libraries with YouTube channels.

Yes, three of the four are from Kentucky.  That was completely unintentional.  For some reason Kentucky libraries seem to be really into the Web 2.0.  I think it’s because the state is so spread out and rural once you leave the Golden Triangle, that we’re all gravitating online to make connections.   Also, most of these Web 2.0 apps are free or otherwise inexpensive and if you’ve been following the Kentucky news, we ain’t got no money no more.   But I digress…

There also seems to be a high proportion of public libraries.  The only academic one (in my admittedly two minutes of looking) I could find is from Otis College, and that’s not actually the library’s channel – they just have added some content to the college’s collection.  It’s also an art/design college, so they may be more  inclined to creative outlets like this.

The obvious uses I could see for this for my situation (an academic law library) is to do video library tours and to upload screen casts of database trainings.  I guess we could do book reviews, but I don’t think that even I on my most wired and hyper days could make Nimmer on Copyright sound exciting.


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  1. Just a point of clarification from Library at Otis College of Art and Design. Under my direction, the library is the entity that created and manages the college’s YouTube channel as well as all instructional videos. We received a grant to support the creation of learning objects and the recording of lectures by visiting artists, etc. We put these resources, or at least portions of them, up on YouTube and iTunesU.

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