the future is now

As I was cruising through my blog RSS feeds this afternoon, my attention was caught by the post title, “Sexy Librarians of the Future Will Help You Upload Your Videos to YouTube”  from  ReadWriteWeb.  Here’s a cut/paste of the post that discusses an interview with Microsoft’s Jon Udell (and the post links to the audio of the interview):

Udell posits that the librarian of the future will help a growing number of citizen media producers to classify their online media and get it connected to other related content in ways that will increase its discoverability. That is hot…

Imagine a future when you go to the library with a 5 minute video you’ve just made about last night’s Presidential debates and that librarian says to you:

You should upload it to YouTube and tag it with these four tags – two broad and two more specific to existing communities of interest on YouTube and the topic of your video. Then you should embed that video in a blog post along with some text introducing it and linking to some of your favorite posts by other people who have also written today about the Presidential debates. Make sure to send trackbacks to those posts!Now, I think this is a particularly good video on the topic, so if you’re interested I will vote for it on StumbleUpon (as a sexy librarian I have a very powerful account there) and give it a good summary explanation. Any of those are steps you can take that will make your work all the easier for people to discover.

Would that be great, or what?

I would not classify myself as “sexy”, however, if a patron came to my library with a video they created and wanted to post it on the Internet, I would be ready to tell them the above.   The real problem is letting patrons know that we can help them do this.


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