Week Off Round-up

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving break. I seem to have picked up a cold from my 6 year old nephew (aka Typhoid Joey the Walking Germ Factory) so I’m not feeling quite up to thinking today. So I’m just going to post some quick thoughts and link to some stuff that’s caught my eye over the break.

-I thought it was interesting how Web 2.0 has infiltrated even the most common and traditional of family events. Whenever my older brother would do something to deliberately annoy me – which was often because he is very annoying and it doesn’t matter that we’re both in our 30s – his new extra knife twist would be to say, “Oh, does that bother you? What you gonna do? You gonna go home and blog about this?”

-Here’s a first hand account of how a college professor uses wikis with her classes.

-The legal blog Concurring Opinions has announced The Law Review Table of Contents Project. I’m not entirely sure why they did this, since Washington and Lee has the searchable Current Law Journal Content and there is University of Washington’s subscription CILP service.

-I came across a recent article in Library Journal that provides some useful tips on consuming all of the information that is now available thanks to Web 2.0

-I’m starting to think the overwhelming faith in the wisdom of crowds thing is going to far with cumlu.us, a weather prediction site that bases weather forecasts on traditional sources, like NOAA, and non-traditional ones, like what the kid down the street is wearing. I sometimes have a hard time determining what is real and what is a parody site, and I’m not entirely sure that this is for real.


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