Facebook Pages Insights

No, I haven’t come up with some grand thoughts about Facebook Pages. “Insights” is a service provided to Page adminstrators about visitors to their Facebook Page.

Here’s some screen shots (click to enlarge):



I’m hoping that you’ll be able to see in the second shot that there’s a currently blank box with a note that reads “To protect the privacy of our users, demographic data is not available until your page has 10 fans.” For someone who is as obsessed with checking the sitemeter on her blogs as I am, my initial thought was “Awesome…we’ll be able to see if we’re connecting with students through Facebook.” Then I put on my librarian hat and started to wonder if this was an unacceptable invasion of user’s privacy. Is it anyone’s business if a someone chooses to check out my library’s Facebook Page? Further, if we put an OPAC application on there, who will be able to see searches? Hmmmm…


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