Facebook Pages Update 6

It looks like some libraries had a productive weekend.

The “libraries with Facebook pages” count as of 8:55 am EST today is 60.  Of these, there are 30 University affliated, 27 public, 1 private, 1 government/corporate and 1 virtual.  Sharp eyed readers will note that these counts don’t match up to Friday’s.   Some libraries have disappeared.  It makes me feel like a total nerd to do so, but I’m glad that I started putting this all into a spreadsheet last weekend because the Facebook search mechanism is – to use a information professional term of art – screwy.   Makes one wonder how easily patrons will be able to find our pages.   On a related note, it seems that libraries are choosing to use “library” in their name more than “libraries.”

Of the 60 libraries, the vast majority (51) are from the United States.  There are 24 states represented and Pennsylvania has the most with 7.  Within the 9 non-U.S. libraries, there are 5 Canadian libraries and Australia, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom have one each.  The two fun library discoveries I made today while checking out the FB pages are the Quatrefoil Library in Minnesota and the Melbourne Anthenaeum Library in Melbourne, Victoria AU.   I’m trying to most closely follow the subject and special libraries as that’s the type of library business I’m in.


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