Facebook Pages Update 4

Okay, so I counted this time.

As of 8:40am EST, there were 37 page hits when one searches for “library” on Facebook.  Of these, there were 19 public libraries, 16 academic libraries, 1 Virtual Library (Kentucky’s own KYVL) and the Yahoo User Interface Library, which isn’t a library for my purposes.    A search for “libraries” still yields 6 page hits.  Of these, there are 5 academic libraries (one of which is a double from the “library” search because of the title – University of Kentucky’s own The Hub @ WT’s) and 1 public library.  Of the 41 total libraries represented, 35 are from the United States, 3 are from Canada, and there is 1 each from the Germany, Ireland and the U.K.

On a completely unrelated note, when I was looking at the various library pages this morning to confirm their type and location, I decided that the Chesley Memorial Library (website here for the non-FBers) is a really cute library and it makes me happy to look at it.  I was hoping it was 18th century construction, but it was actually built in the 1950s.  Oh, well.


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