When Blog Posts Collide

Oh, Gentle Reader, it’s amazing how fast things move in this crazy Web 2.0 world.

It was just two days ago that I was thrilled to be Facebook friends with Kevin Smith.   And then this morning I completely geeked out over Facebook Pages.   This afternoon Kevin Smith found that, while a celebrity can have an individual profile on Facebook, he or she is limited to 5000 friends.  So Kevin Smith is closing out his Facebook profile and started a Facebook Page to replace it.

Now, if I were the suspicious sort, I’d find it awfully convenient that a celebrity with a history of reaching out to his fans via the Internet decided to start a Facebook page that was clearly doomed to failure due to the 5000 friend limit THE DAY BEFORE Facebook rolled out it’s new format especially for celebrities/businesses/libraries.  Awfully convenient.   But as it stands, I’m from the Midwest and I just assume that everyone is as sweet and innocent as I am.  🙂

When I’ve had the time today, I played around with some of the Facebook Pages features.  Thus far I’ve found two problems.  (1) While I can add applications to my library’s page, the ones that would be the most useful (such as JSTOR) are not available.  (2) I can’t find a way to search for Facebook Pages.  I found the one for my university’s libraries through the creator’s Facebook profile, I found the New York Times one through a post on Mashable and I found Kevin Smith’s because he had to set one up due to COMPLETELY REASONABLE AND NOT AT ALL SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES.

It is only the first day of roll out so perhaps I should be more patient.


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