Facebook Pages Update 2

When I sing the praises of Facebook to, well, seemingly everyone I talk to lately, I mention how it has made it easy for me to stay in touch with friends that live on the other side of the country, reunite with long lost friends and learn humility at the hands of Scrabulous. (My current W/L record? 4 and 20. Ouch.) However, another benefit is that it allowed me to connect with co-workers at my home institution, which is sort of a big deal when I’m trapped in the relative isolation of the law library and they’re the ones that make the decision whether or not my contract get renewed.   On a less selfish note, it seems like librarians that serve undergrad populations are a little more keyed into this Web 2.0 stuff and are a good resource for finding out about them.

Anyway, this is all one big digression leading into today’s discovery that Facebook is now allowing Facebook Pages to be searched. I discovered this through my colleague (and Facebook friend) Stacey Greenwell’s blog that she has feeding into her Facebook Profile. According to her, the title of the Pages can be searched, but unfortunately the search mechanism is not that sophisticated. (e.g. A search for “library” will not bring up “libraries”) Again, we’re only about 28 hours into this, so perhaps that will improve with time.

Of course, after finding that out, I did a test search. As of 10:50 am EST, there were 18 “library” pages and 6 “libraries” pages. My library is the only law library. The only other special library was a medical library at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  On Stacey’s blog there’s a link to the “Libraries Using Facebook Pages” group she started.  If you’re interested in trying this out, that’d be a great group to join.


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