Facebook Upgrade

Remember a few days ago when I was talking about Facebook vs. Myspace and I said that it would be really great if Facebook allowed organizations like libraries to have a profile instead of just a group?  Well, guess what?  Today Facebook announced Facebook Pages which is going to allow just that.    I was so excited to start playing with this, I almost turned down an offer of going out for Indian food for lunch.  Almost.

Thus far I’ve just created a basic page for my library.  As I hoped, one is able to add applications like you can with personal profiles.  (Not all applications are available, but it looks like even some of the “fun” ones  are.)   Before the aforementioned Indian food outing, I added del.icio.us, a social bookmarking tool.   Many libraries (but not mine…yet) create a del.icio.us profile as a way to share online resources.  I know that there’s also a JSTOR search application.   As Facebook has made their application development tools free and available, theoretically I could make an application that would allow people to search the OPAC or some other library related type thing.  Basically, the possibilities for library use of Facebook are now pretty much endless.   Yay.


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