I’m Friends with Silent Bob

Today is a good day in my Facebook life…I am now friends with Kevin “Silent Bob” Smith. I’m also MySpace Friends with him, so we do have a prior relationship.

I actually have been trying to keep my Facebook “friends” limited to people I really do know in real life. However, I made an exception* with Silent Bob and Gnarls Barkley because I am interested in seeing how having a commercial interest affects their uses of FB since ostensibly I’m on FB and MySpace in order to “sell” my product of library services to my students.  I’d like to think that Kevin Smith would be doing this no matter what because he seems to really like connecting with people, but that just may be my inner fan girl talking.

One of the reasons I initially went with MySpace was because Facebook doesn’t allow an entity such as a library to have a FB profile. (See UK Libraries’ MySpace here.) You can set up a Facebook group to be your library’s “Facebook presence”, but group pages don’t have all the bells and whistles that make FB profiles so compelling. I should probably join Target’s Facebook group to see how they’re handling things, especially because my first attempts at FB groups are not going well.

*I reserve the right to also friend Stephen Fry if I can ever find his super-secret FB profile.


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