I can’t remember which one of the dozens of personal blogs of random strangers that I read (um, I’m apparently a bit of a voyeur) said it, but they said something along the lines of “Not having a Facebook is like not having a MySpace was three years ago!” At the time I had neither a MySpace nor a Facebook (or perhaps I had just signed up for MySpace), so I was a little concerned that not only was I behind the times, I was waaaaay behind the times.

But, it is a fact of life here on the technological edge that new websites and applications come into being and older ones lose their cache. (paging Friendster….) In other words, I’m trying very hard to not put all of my eggs in the Facebook basket. Also, I really want to get in on something on the ground floor and be the first person I know to be using something! Is that pathetic? Maybe. I don’t care.

I came across a possible successor to Facebook and MySpace today. It’s Jaiku. I’m not entirely sure how it works because I’m waitlisted to get an invite to beta test. But when and if I am deemed worthy to enter this Internet Studio 54, I will report back.

ETA: Just saw this article on Google’s Maka-Maka….given that Google recently purchased Jaiku, I wonder if Jaiku will be adapted into  Maka-Maka.  As an aside, don’t you miss the days when companies had respectable names like “Industrial Business Machines” and “National Cash Register?”


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  1. […] registered for it, but at the present moment I have no beta testing invites to share.   I still haven’t heard back from Jaiku so maybe I can get an invite this […]

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